Advanced Photographer & Videographer on Vancouver Island

Alex and his family live and work on Vancouver Island and found it as the best place for both professional and creative activities. As a photographer and videographer Alex doesn't specialize on any particular areas but rather tries himself in all spheres of imaging technology. It is hard to resist do not shot pictured views surrounded us on the Island so landscape photography is probably the most pleasant and rewarding type.

Taking documentary photos and videos on different events like weddings, performances, celebrations and just families get together are exciting and touching moments. The camera man is being involved in those episodes as a participant rather than a spectator.

Photo and video equipment became one of the advanced high-tech devices that require deep knowledge and understanding of underlying technology. Regardless the latest models are very robust to produce beautiful images right of the cameras, post processing is still required at least for video compilation and editing.
This work can be done using a special software and skills. Being a photographer and IT professional at the same time Alex also enjoys this part of the job.