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Not a single wedding can happen without a photographer. Even if your family friend who is amateur photographer takes your wedding photos is much better than nothing. Those pictures regardless of quality and artistic style will preserve memory of yours one of the most important life event.
At the same time properly shot video footage brings even a higher impression and brighter memory moments of the wedding. Many wedding photography teams offer both still images and video shooting but their rates may not fit your budget. Quite often we see that video shooting is skipped from that reason but erroneously.

We offer affordable videography service for both wedding and engagement events. The actual price depends on a session length but there are no any minimums. It is totally up to you to choose exactly what you need and aligns with the budget.
Videography requires an essential amount of post-processing and video editing time. This time is generally included in the price unless you may require few different versions and formatting options.

It is less and less pictures are printed in our days and the same way more and more videos are published in youtube. For these means we can compose video with background music that doesn't include any copyright infringement content but for your personal use we can add your favorites tunes to the footage.

HD video quality is usually good enough for youtube. However 4K TV became quite common now and we can film 4K video of remarkable expression to watch them at home with suitable equipment.

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